Dance Like No One's Watching: Debunking Your Ballroom Dancing Fears

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If you're interested in taking ballroom dance lessons but you're scared of taking the plunge, you're not alone. Starting any new hobby can be daunting, especially one that takes place in a social setting. But even though these worries are common, there's really nothing to be fearful of. Here are 3 of the most common ballroom dancing fears debunked.

Don't Worry About Being Watched

Were you the child who dreaded being asked to stand up in front of the class at school? Do you find it difficult to perform at your best when there's someone standing over your shoulder at work? The fear that others will be watching you is one of the most common beginner ballroom dancing concerns, but it's not something you should be worried about. Remember that when you first start ballroom dancing, you'll be in a class with other beginners. Like you, these people will also be nervous about getting started. As a result, they'll be far more focused on improving their skills than they will be on watching what others are doing. In fact, if you do notice someone looking at you in a beginner's class, it's probably because your technique is great and they want to learn from you! If you're really put off by the thought of other dancers being able to look at you, you can always start off with private lessons before moving into social classes.

Don't Worry About Not Being Good Enough

Since social dances are common in the ballroom dancing community, many people are scared to get into the hobby because they're worried they won't be good enough for partner dances. While both men and women share this fear, it's often more common in men because male dancers lead. One way to alleviate this worry is to join a ballroom class that organises multiple social dances that are aimed at different skill levels. Aside from that, remember that social dances aren't debutantes balls—first and foremost, they're supposed to be fun. Most people there just want to enjoy themselves on the dance floor rather than dance with the best partner in the room.

Don't Worry About Failing Competitions

The thought of ballroom dancing competitions is another off-putting factor for those who shy away from rivalries. First, it's important to remember that competition isn't a requirement in ballroom dancing. There's no reason you can't stick to lessons and social dances if you prefer. If you are interested in competing but you're worried about losing, don't forget that there will always be more 'losers' than winners. If you don't place first in your first competition, you won't be the only one—everyone experiences losing at some point or another. Over time, as your skills improve, you'll find yourself winning more and more. You also shouldn't worry about forgetting the steps or tripping over; alongside these problems being unlikely to happen, the worst outcome is that you don't get the score you were hoping for. No one will laugh at you, and you can always do better next time!