How to Select a Dance Studio for Your Child

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How can I know that this is the right dance studio for my child? Parents who would like to enroll their kids in a dance class need to look into several issues to select the most appropriate dance studio for their kids. This article discusses some of the considerations that one should investigate during the search for the best dance studio.

Studio Philosophy

Find out what the philosophy of each dance studio that you are considering is. For example, some dance studios may only be interested in arousing kids' interest in dancing while another studio may focus on shaping and moulding professional dancers. What do you want for your child? Select a dance studio whose philosophy is in line with what you expect your child to accomplish.

Instructors' Qualifications

Take time to also assess the qualifications of the instructors who will be training your child. Opt for instructors with certifications in case your area has bodies that certify those who teach dance classes. Credentialed instructors are better because you will be certain that your child will acquire the right skills/techniques. This is especially important in case you want your child to participate in competitions.

Class Sizes

Find out how many kids are enrolled in the dance class that you would like your child to join. Your child is likely to receive greater attention in case you enroll him or her in a dance class where the instructor/student ratio is low. Smaller classes may also allow your child to open up quickly when compared to larger classes.

Policy on Parents

Dance studios may have different policies regarding the role of parents during dance classes. Some studios may not allow parents near the studio during a dance class. Others let parents observe proceedings from windows. Some allow parents to be close to their children during dance classes. Select a studio whose policies address your needs. For example, opt for a dance studio that allows you to sit where your child can see you in case he or she is reserved and takes long to blend into new groups. This proximity can enable you to reassure your child in case they seem unable to cope with the pace of the others during the initial classes.

It may be helpful to observe some dance classes at the studios where you want to enroll your child. Such a firsthand experience can help you to make a better assessment of the suitability of these studio for your child.